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The video installation by Itamar Shimshony, "Loop", takes place in the artist's studio. After the artist leaves the studio, an imaginary spirit takes over the place, which replaces the artist and acts in a different and surprising manner in the studio.

The video installation resurrects the artist studio. The studio is packed with furniture, belongings, books and art materials all array and not organized rendering the feeling of chaos mixed with mystery.
In the dark space, there suddenly appears the spirit of the artist, Itamar Shimshony. In one corner he dances and activates an old radio operator which is playing a personal soundtrack. The character searches for radio stations, preforms routine tasks usually done by artists such as building object, dozing off and having an abrupt awakening directly into artistic endeavor. In another corner, the character seeks inspiration from alternate images, sometimes encountering his previous works during the search. In a different scene the artist’s functions as a clerk, shuffling papers, forms from side to side as part of his routinely ongoing assignments as a contemporary artist.

In all the aforementioned actions their leis a hidden tension which results in a creative barrier between the joy of creation to the depressing feeling of dolefulness. The character itself constantly moves between poles. This installation examines and illustrates the concept of "artist studio". The same space in which the artist spends many hours and is required or actually demands of himself, to be in a creative state without interruption, which leads in many cases to a sense of failure and escape to sleep or staring.

In the installation you see the artist performing ordinary dull tasks such as handling paperwork or arranging the studio, ostensibly an act that distances him from his original vocation, but it is precisely this activity that manages to recharge him, creating something new and perhaps even reaching an artistic enlightenment.

Shimshony permits us spectators to dive into the artist's head, to be exposed to the variety of thoughts, worries, concerns, fears, weaknesses as well as to the moments of happiness and joy of discovery, which coexist in the creative experience of a contemporary artist.